Diversity in the labour market

A labour market characterized by a diversity of background, language skill and cultural competence can contribute to innovation, growth and value creation.

Last updated: 4/8/2022

An important objective of the Norwegian integration policy is to provide more immigrants with a stable foothold in the labour market. IMDi plays a key role when it comes to the permanent participation in the labour market for refugees and other people of immigrant background.

IMDi disseminates knowledge, develops and provides tools and shares experiences about how businesses can increase diversity through recruitment and how diversity management can contribute to added value. The target group is enterprises in the public and private sectors and employee and employers’ organisations.

IMDi is a driving force behind knowledge acquisition and networking and provides advice, guidance and financial grants to businesses. IMDi seeks to raise awareness among employers about ethnic diversity as a resource, to increase recruitment of immigrants to the labour market and to ensure that immigrants’ competence is used in a good way.

The Diversity Award

The Diversity Award is awarded each year. This is the government’s award for outstanding use of immigrants’ competence in the labour market. The purpose of the award is to promote ethnic diversity, improve the utilization of immigrants’ competence and increase recruitment of immigrants in the labour market. Through the Diversity Award, good examples are honoured and presented as an inspiration and example for others. The award is presented in all counties and on a national level.

Grants for initiatives to increase ethnic diversity in the labour market.

Enterprises in the private and public sectors may apply for grants to implement initiatives to enhance diversity. These initiatives may seek to improve recruitment practices or raise  competence in diversity management. IMDi provides advice and guidance to employers.

Research and development (R&D)

To improve knowledge aboutdiversity in the labour market, IMDi implements various R&D projects.