Foreign nationals between 16 and 67 years of age who have a residence permit that forms the basis for a permanent residence permit in Norway, can have the right and obligation to participate in Norwegian language training and social studies. A minimum of 600 hours of Norwegian language training and social studies will be given free of charge within the first three years.

Foreign nationals have to complete their mandatory tuition and pass the concluding tests, or document that you have been granted exemptions by the municipality, to be granted permanent residence permit or Norwegian citizenship. You can find information about the rules for applying for permanent residence permit and Norwegian citizenship on UDIs website.

If you hold a residence permit for work from outside the EU/EEA you may not have the right to free Norwegian language training and social studies, but have an obligation to complete a total of 300 hours of tuition if you want to apply for a permanent residence permit.

If you are registered as an EU/EEA national or if you are a national of one of the Nordic countries, tuition in the Norwegian language is not mandatory. The tuition is not free.

Skills Norway has the responsibility for the implementation and further development of The national curriculum in Norwegian language and social studies for adult immigrants.

Contact your municipality

Norwegian municipalities provide information about your specific rights and obligation to participate in Norwegian and social studies tuition. Your request should be addressed to the municipality where you live, or to the municipality where you plan to move.

There are also many online courses available. Contact your municipality for more information about what applies in your case.