Voluntary efforts in the field of integration

Voluntary organisations represent an important supplement to the municipalities’ work with refugees and immigrants. These can provide language training, networking and tutoring, among other things.

Last updated: 4/8/2022

Municipalities and NGOs can increase immigrants’ participation in the local community by offering common meeting places and word toward a local organisational life that reflects the composition of the population to a greater extent.

Nationwide NGOs are important partners for IMDi. The organisations help to strengthen and develop the local integration work through teams, associations, voluntary centres, clubs and districts across the country, as well as effective dissemination of experience. IMDi has letters of intent with the following NGOs at the national level.


Each year, IMDi provides grants towards integration work under the auspices of NGOs and operational support to the regional immigrant organisations. IMDi also provides grants to national resource environments in the field of integration. The grants aim to improve knowledge about integration in the population and increase the trust and participation among immigrants and their children in various areas of society.