The Norwegian settlement model

IMDi works to achieve the speedy, satisfactory and stable settlement of refugees. This is done through a collaboration between the municipalities and the directorate.

Last updated: 1/16/2018

The goal of the Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDi) is for refugees to settle in well and quickly become integrated into the local community. IMDi’s six local offices are responsible for the practical work in connection with settlement, and they cooperate closely with reception centres and municipalities. For the municipalities, the settlement of refugees is a voluntary task.

Settlement takes place either through IMDi’s local office in the individual region finding a suitable settlement municipality or through refugees contacting potential municipalities in the region themselves in cooperation with the staff at the reception centre.

Most refugees settle in a municipality with the help of IMDi. It is possible, however, for persons with a work and residence permit and who can provide for themselves and their family, if they have one, to settle in the municipality of their choice without the authorities being involved.

The Norwegian State Housing Bank and IMDi cooperate to produce information aimed at settlement municipalities about the bank’s house financing schemes.