The right and obligation to participate in an introduction programme shall apply to newly arrived foreign nationals between 18 and 55 years of age who need to obtain basic qualifications and who have been granted asylum (or a residence or work permit hence to the Immigration Act section 8, 9 or 22 with the restrictions mentioned in the Act).

The introduction programme shall be designed for persons who need to obtain basic qualifications.

Upon completion or interruption of a programme, a certificate of participation shall be issued.

The programme may run for up to two years, with additional periods for approved leaves of absence. When special reasons so warrant, the programme may run for up to three years.

Municipalities shall provide introduction programmes for newly arrived immigrants who are resident in the municipality.

As soon as possible and within three months after a person is settled in a municipality or after a requirement of participation is presented, the municipality shall provide an introduction programme

Refugees receive economical support whilst participating in the introductory programme.

Individually adapted plan

An individually adapted plan shall be drawn up for any person who is to participate in an introduction programme. It shall be formulated on the basis of an identification of the training needs of the person concerned and of the measures that may be useful to the person concerned.